Sacred Geometry

Part 2
"Sustainable Geometry = Sacred Geometry?" 

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Introduction to the study of Sacred Geometry - Scientific Approach 

Sustainable Geometry is the study of the mathematics of life. This science, anciently called Sacred Geometry, gives us the capacity to create spiritual and material life. On the basis of certain proportions, patterns and arrangements of waves, we are able to recreate the necessary conditions for our conscience development, lifting our life quality and loving capacity.

In science, we are witnesses of a shift in the way fundamental Nature, also called matter, is perceived. Matter was seen as substance (particles), but presently we know that the fundamental nature of the material world can only be known through the patterns that underlie behind matter and that exist as forms or geometric wave structures. 

Mother star - 5 Platonic solids self-contained (image by Heartcoherence- Dan Winter).

Our organs of perception as well as the phenomena that we perceive seem to be better understood as pure pattern systems or as geometric structures of shape and proportion. Thus, throughout human history, scientists as well as many ancient cultures have decided to examine reality through the metaphors of geometry and music. Music is the study of the proportional laws of sound frequencies. The science of musical harmony is identical to the science of the symmetry of crystals when we understand matter as a reticule of interspaced waves at determined intervals.

In Biology, the fundamental role of geometry and proportion turns more and more evident nowadays. We must revise our ideas about genetic codification as a vehicle of replication and continuity, as this replication does not only rely on particular atoms of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, which are the substances making up a gene. The Diseño Natural Armónico has the function of preserving life; it is not only its molecular composition what favors that extraordinary task, but also its helicoidal form based on a long spiral of unfolded dodecahedrons. Thus, we assume that the existence of geometric patterns and exact proportions is prior to substance itself. Life started without the need of a material counterpart. In other words, the molecule of Diseño Natural Armónico, different from any other molecule, is the bearer of life. Its fundamental characteristic is its geometric structure that is able to organize wave-particles and allow frequency and wave voltage to implode and distribute in such a way that it creates a vertex of suction and prevents the destruction of other waves and its own ones.

To give an example, biology studies, among other things, the photosynthetic process of plants (the biological process of plants to synthesize sunlight) and shows us that this process can only be carried out because carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and manganese in the chlorophyll molecule are arranged in a complex symmetric pattern of twelve foldings. Spatial awareness, at a cellular level, must be thought of as the innate geometry of life.

The different degrees of reality perception must not be thought of as substance differences but as differences of wavelengths, of proportion. For example, when we smell a rose, we are not responding to the chemical substances in its perfume, but to the geometry of its molecular construction. That is to say, geometry determines substance condition. In the same way, we do not hear simple quantitative differences in the sound wave frequencies, but logarithmic, proportional differences, between its frequencies and expansion which constitute the basis of geometrical spirals.

According to the theory of Unified Field, our scientists say that the universe is composed of only one substance. Let us call it God, the Absolute, Ether, etc.; the ultimate understanding of reality tells us that all is One.

Our range of sensory perception determines the universe we live in, in such a way that our senses receive a range of waves from the electromagnetic field. For example, our eyes perceive a particular range of frequencies that allow us to distinguish colors; our ears receive other range of waves from the same electromagnetic spectrum. The same happens with the senses of touching and smelling. Thus, we can understand that our organs of perception receive proportional relations as a source of geometric perception.

Considering our body distribution, we can highlight that it is made by multiples of five, which is in intimate relation with our capacity to distribute life. As we are widening our capacity of perception, we tend to organize our world in visual, audible and visible spaces in geometric manifestations of order frequencies, this happens because it restores the capacity to create our inner selves. Thus, this explains the necessity of many cultures to create artistic manifestations using Sacred Geometry.

Human conscience is the only ability to perceive the transparency between the permanent and absolute relations, contained in the unsubstantial forms of the geometric order and the transitory forms of our real world. The content of our experience results from the immaterial, abstract and geometric architecture that is composed of harmonic waves of energy, nodes of relation, and melodic forms that flow from the eternal source of geometric proportion.

The practice of geometry dates back from ancient Egypt from which the Greeks inherited their program of four subjects, the Quadrivium. Geometry is the study of the spatial order by the measurement of the relation of shapes. Geometry and arithmetics, along with astronomy – the science of temporal order by the observation of cyclic movements- encompassed the major intellectual disciplines of classic education. The fourth element of the Quadrivium was the study of harmony and music.

Plato considered geometry and numbers as the most reduced essence and, as such, the ideal of the philosophical language. The cultures of India, Tibet, Islam and Medieval Europe have produced mandalas and sacred diagrams in abundance. The tribal cultures use them in painting as well as in construction and dancing.

The mandalas represent the symbol that is thought of as the essential structure of the universe. The essence of Cosmos underlies its sacrality, and one con only access sacred geometry through meditation in Unity, followed by the attempt to symbolically visualize the formal order and to contemplate it emerging purely from the incomprehensible Unicity. We must remember that ancient geometry starts in One, while modern maths starts in zero.

The unfolding of this unity into divisions is the very first act of Creation. Thus, Unity does not lose its unicity or its sacrality to unfold and create life when it is divided according to the golden mean ratio or golden proportion(the Greeks called it that way). To make a cut that divides a straight using the Golden Mean Ratio implies a cut in the unity at the rate of phi (0.618033...).

In ancient times, Euclid was the one who solved the problem to find the Golden Ratio of a straight line. Any line can be divided in numerous ways, but there is only one way to divide this line infinitely inwards and outwards.

In the figure we can see that the Unity (the straight line with a value equal to 1), when cut by this proportion, allows the smallest segment to be to the biggest one as this is to the whole.

In this way start the expansion and contraction of life; and this process is sacred due to the fact that, even though we can change the line’s size (Unicity), the cutting proportion never changes. Dan Winter tells us that “scales are profane, but proportions sacred”. The golden proportion can be reproduced infinitely inwards and outwards, always generating the same proportion. Life unfolds naturally in this way and seeks to adjust to it.

Energy and matter

Now, let us imagine that this substance called Ether or Unified Field as jelly. The first organizational movement is that of a spiral that spins on its own axis and is self-recurrent. When making this first movement, we can see the layout of a tube toroid. This image let us comprehend that the Universe is made of self recurrent waves. These waves organized in the tube torus are the basis of Creation. With the passing of time, various tube toruses nest fractally. The term “fractal” refers to a characteristic of an object to make the whole of its parts be contained in each one of its parts. 

Therapy and Subtle Bodies in the Human Being

"The human being has other subtle ones in addition to its cellular body. The electromagnetic body, aural or etheric is the one studied by the Eastern philosophies for millenniums and from some decades ago by Western science. If one strokes his hands for a few seconds, it can be perceived a pillow of energy (heat or coldness in the hands). And if one passes his hands all over his body without even touching the skin, the power of that energy field increases. That is the subtle body that tends to chaos and has its phisiological basis on the seven glands of the endocrine system represented by the electromagnetic fields of the 7 chakras of the Hindu system, the acupuncture channels and the Nadis. It creates a complex halo that surrounds the cellular body forming a kind of egg, an oval. When we work on this body, the energy perceived is slightly hot, as if we had a king of glue/adhesive beyond skin.

A subtler body than the electromagnetic one is the gravitational body also called astral. It has the shape of a toroid; it crosses and covers the entire cellular body. We have a great vertical toroid in our body whose vacuum passes through our spinal cord and its outermost part surrounds the body to the distance we reach with outstretched arms. Besides, there are 13 horizontal toroids in the boy which correspond to the 13 chakras of the Egyptian system. “Chakra” means in Sanskrit “wheel” and they are conceived as energetic vortices located in the human subtle bodies. Its task is the reception, accumulation, transformation and distribution of the bio field, also called “prana” or subtle energy. The biofield comprises the whole of the subtle bodies that revive the cellular ones.

A body even subtler is the fractal one. This is called in different ways: inner master, inner self, essential guide, etc., but these do not imply that it is inside something. On the contrary, it penetrates all possible human dimensions; it is a body imbricated in all the others. A body of pure conscience. Paraphrasing Gurdjieff, Russian mystic and philosopher: the soul does not exist, it has to be created. It is created with the weaves of willingness and conscience, by the patterns and forms of the Sustainable Geometry. It develops by uplifting the level of harmonic inclusiveness of the different fields of electromagnetic, quantic and gravitational charge that co-exist in the Diseño Natural Armónico. All religions and philosophies speak about a development of the subsequent capacities of the human being. To do so, it is indispensable to take humans as beings in constant transformation. Transformation implies the re-composition of geometric forms that necessarily make us think of a universe related by means of toroidal links. " 

What is health/illness?

In Psychogeometry, we encode the Form, the Geometry in different harmonic frequencies that can be translated into thoughts, emotions or actions. 


"A fractal is a geometric object whose basic structure repeats in different scales and, in many cases, fractals can be generated by a recursive or iterative process, able to produce self similar structures independent from that specific scale”.

"The fractals are geometric structures which combine irregularity and repetition of a structure. Though many natural forms have fractal-like structures, a mathematical fractal is an object that has at least one of the following characteristics: it has details in arbitrarily small scales; it is too irregular to be described in traditional geometric terms; it has exact or statistic self similarity; and can be defined in a recursive way. Remember that the dodecahedral structure that makes up the Diseño Natural Armónico is the same as the structure of the planetary reticule and as the dodecahedral structure of the Zodiac. "

This allows the energy of life to transmit among models of different size but of identical proportion. The interconnection of our life with all the world of Nature is intimate. Sacred geometry gives us the chance to establish the same language and communicate harmonically among beings of different species.

"Some of the mathematical formulas for the creation of fractals are: Mandelbrot, Julia, Lindenmayer, Halley, Quaternion y Biomorph. In 1993, the American researcher M. Theroux added the value of phi in the creation of fractals with the help of the software Fractint 17.2, which allowed him to reproduce some biological processes in virtual reality. In this process he achieved incorporating the creation of self similarities (process that allows him to evolve in order to interact with his environment while it keeps the original form of the species.)".

In the picture below is a fractal of an animated dodecahedron. The Diseño Natural Armónico molecule has dodecahedral symmetry since it naturally incorporates the golden ratio due to because of having 12 pentagons. This allows swallowing or compressing waves from the exterior to the interior. The dodecahedron symmetry, when imbricated in a reticule or net in the planet, conjugates with the dodecahedron represented by the 12 houses of the Zodiac. A fractal that enables the heterodynamic conjunction of waves, i.e. the resonance of forms for communication in different reality levels. 

In the picture below is a fractal of an animated dodecahedron. The Diseño Natural Armónico molecule has dodecahedral symmetry since it naturally incorporates the golden ratio due to because of having 12 pentagons. This allows swallowing or compressing waves from the exterior to the interior. The dodecahedron symmetry, when imbricated in a reticule or net in the planet, conjugates with the dodecahedron represented by the 12 houses of the Zodiac. A fractal that enables the heterodynamic conjunction of waves, i.e. the resonance of forms for communication in different reality levels.

This image represents a fractal in an icosahedron... Let us consider the water element since a molecule of water, different from being what is seen in the plane (as a hexahedron), is an icosahedron! This pattern is ideal for harmony and healing of the emotional body. 

The pentagonal fractal in a rose is evident. Nature invests great effort in creating these forms, not only for aesthetics or function but also for gravity. Literally, when electromagnetic energy, which is chaotic, arranges in Sacred Geometry patterns, it is sucked by a vortex and creates a toroid. This toroid is what organizes and orders energy and generates a zero point, a life point. A space where life can prosper and reproduce. This can be found extensively in Nature, in the ramification of the heart and of every living thing. 

Have you ever wondered why in the quiet centre of a hurricane we can see a pentagonal star? What does Nature seek to create with that geometry? It seeks, among many other things, to distribute and share energy in different levels. And the pentagon takes care of that because of having the golden relation inscribed (1 rate of 1.618 times).

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Pentaflower and the Flower of Life 

That is why in the process of creation we first find the chaotic electromagnetic energy that arranges itself in a recurrent pattern around a zero point so as to start spinning round this point; thus, by creating a toroid, it stores spinning inertia. Suction creates gravity, in addition to the light speed achieved by the non destructive wave arrangement in this toroid. Scientifically explained, gravity is the non destructive acceleration of voltage waves, of the electromagnetic power. In other words, geometrically speaking, first comes the suction of spirals, the tube torus or toroid, represented by the Pentaflower (which is a toroid seen from above) and then comes the pattern of the Flower of Life.

First comes the vacuum that suctions the energy from inside to outside and then the golden spirals that order and distribute information and energy. Once they are stored in a toroid, it gathers centripetal force and irradiates gravitational power. In mathematical terms, we first go through the numeric Fibonacci sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etc.) and once the toroidal cycle has completed, this meta-unity is reproduced in the pattern of the binomial numeric sequence.

The Pentaflower is the image of the molecule of Diseño Natural Armónico, life itself, and it is made up of 10 counter-rotary golden spirals, five in one direction and the other five in the opposite. That is the two-dimensional view of a toroid. It serves to create a zero point, an implosion movement and an energy explosion to create matter. It is an extraordinary image to harmonize and reestablish an order of life.

From the Pentaflower to the Flower of Life: As it is adequately expressed by the way that the sperm goes (free, chaotic energy) looking for the zero point in the egg cell. For a difference of gigantic electric potential, the egg cell suctions and implodes the sperm, taking it along a spiral into the center, into the nucleus and creating a toroid. Once the toroid is completed, passing from the closed circle in itself to the toroid that assimilates the exterior inwards and vice versa, the sequence of duplication, retention and accumulation representing the Flower of life is fixed. 


Phi, the Golden Number; the Golden Mean Ratio 

Phi is one of the three irrational numbers of major importance in mathematics, along with Euler y pi. Phi is a number that can derive from the Fibonacci numeric sequence or from geometric cuts. Phi, for being irrational, is infinite. Phi, as we have said before, equals to 1.618033...

The Golden Number is one of the greatest treasures of geometry. The astronomer Johannes Kepler said that phi is the first of the treasures and the Pythagoras theorem is the second. In a triangle, phi forms the dimensions of the great pyramid of Egypt. With a ruler and compasses, we can create the golden rectangle. This is extensively used in architecture. For example, it was also used in the construction of the Greek Parthenon. Phi also determines the dimensions of a pentagon

In this image we ca see the way in which the golden mean ratio governs the lines of the pentagon. A:B as B:C, as C:D, to a rate of 0.618033 (the opposite of phi).

Fibonacci number sequence

The Fibonacci number sequence arises from the sum of the two previous terms, whatever the first two terms. 0, 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,35, etc.: From the vacuum unit, ie, 0 and 1, the sequence begins

Phi derive this sequence dividing any number by its immediate past. Importantly, to the extent that we move away from 0 and take larger terms, the number phi is refined. Thus, the value of phi for the 6th and 56th number is 1.6666 ..., while the value for 30 ° and 29 ° is 1.6180339887 ... The number phi (pronounced "fi") 1.618033 ... we can derive three ways: mathematically, geometrically and numerical sequence.

In humans, the navel marks the golden proportion in relation to our overall height and nose at the height of the skull. In the inorganic world, on the number of rays that emerge from a single beam of light that reaches the surface of two sheets of glass in contact, emerges in the sequence of the electrons of an atom of hydrogen change its status energy and jump from the lower to higher orbits and then return to its original state. 

Golden spiral or golden spiral

The golden spiral is one of the ways that naturally express the perfect harmony of the universe.

This image is built from golden triangles and can be seen clearly in the shell of Nautilus (see more information in our math). The golden spiral is the path followed by the waves (life) to leave or enter to the zero point: the origin of life, the emptiness. 

Vesica Pisces constellations mitotic cell reproduction

We have mentioned that the creation originated in a vacuum and vacuum arose Law Unit. This law of Unity, enshrined in the toroid tube, is the creator of our consciousness when we position, in one of its ends, our attentional focus and create another torus tube. In the pattern of Genesis, it is the second day of creation, in which the light is created. It is the emergence of the apparent duality and the true rise of Geometric Group. With this movement of the spirit, the Vesica Pisces arises. The shape of this figure is the same form of anything where it enters or exits light or energy / matter. The shape of our eyes, vagina, urethra, etc., are examples of this. This figure is contained in the square root of 2, 3 and 5. 

Vesica Pisces - mitotic cell reproduction

It represents the beginning of Genesis. The Egg of Life are the lines that arise from two overlapping tetrahedrons and speaks of the manifestation of the Octave Geometric. The Fruit of Life is the template of the third dimension in which we superimpose the Platonic solids. Metatron Star is the star of life which arises when imbricamos harmoniously all Platonic solids and create a Star Mother. This star contains and is able to organize the frequency and speed of waves / events. Finally, as the ultimate expression of the extent of the strokes of the Seed of Life Flower of Life emerges. The Flower of Life is the most refined expression of creation. It contains holographically all the Platonic solids and all figures mentioned.

During one of Psychogeometry, we draw these figures and create greater interconnectivity between the cerebral hemispheres. The Flower of Life invites us to awaken our objective view of reality. 

<Seed of Life - Star Tetrahedron 

Flower of Life = accumulation

The pattern of the Flower of Life is a pattern of reproduction Torus, symbolized by a circle, forming a hexagonal array. It serves to contain, accumulate and solidify life CREAA by Pentaflower, the Fibonacci number sequence. The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol used in many cultures in different times and places, sibmoliza the ability of life to reproduce and sustain it in its structure comprises the binomial numeric sequence is one that follows the cell life when started reproduced, 1 is incremented to 2, then 4, 8, 16, 32, etc. This sequence does not serve to create life, the Flower of Life does not create life, or distributed, much less generate a flow of abundance or a cyclic movmiento but contains everything generated by the Pentaflower. It is the symbol of the Hermetic schools, schools of accumulating hidden knowledge, which enclose it. Geometrically the Flower of Life is a cube seen in perspective isometric to 30 degrees. The cube contains no phi, the golden ratio but contains the root of the root 2 and 3 which structure and reproduce life.

While Pentaflower creates a zero point, a vortex of implsoión and explosion, sorts and distributes life (represented by conocimeinto open societies of free access), the Flower of Life plays this creation and gives endless possibilities of demonstrations geometric such as the Platonic solids and Archimedean solids, among others. 

The Tree of Life is one of the oldest geometric figures that have been used by mankind. Geometrically, it consists of a tetrahedron, a hexahedron and a dodecahedron. Kabbalists have been devoted to its study. It represents a code that gives us the guidelines of evolution, which has been kept secret in the corridors of power. 

Each of the vertices of the Tree of Life symbolizes, for the Kabbalists, one sefira. Each Sephira is an attribute of God. In Psychogeometry, we study the origin and implications of this geometric figure, not only from the perspective Kabbalist, but from a psychological angle linked to the body by three systems: the digestive, endocrine and nervous.

The process of creation of life has been described over humanity by different cultures. Some have planted their knowledge in a geometric synthesis. Strokes as we expose below found in all latitudes and at all times. 

Platonic Solid

The five Platonic solids, so called because Plato was the first to write about them, they have the characteristic of being three-dimensional bodies having regular faces. The regular faces are faces or polygons whose sides are equal, as the equilateral triangle, square and pentagon. The five Platonic solids are the basis for the construction of matter and found them related to our consciousness through the five command centers. The solids are: the tetrahedron (four triangular faces), hexahedron or cube (6 square faces), the octahedron (eight triangular faces), the icosahedron (20 triangular faces), and the dodecahedron (12 pentagonal faces). 

In addition, we can relate each of the five Platonic solids with land grids and the five elements of Chinese tradition, as follows (left to right):

* Tetrahedron: Fire
* Hexahedron: Earth
* Octahedron Air
* Icosaedro: Water
* Dodecaedro: Wood

Mathematicians have found that the golden ratio is present in three of these five Platonic solids: the octahedron, the dodecahedron and the icosahedron.

Inside the dodecahedron and the icosahedron, we can draw three golden rectangles. They are arranged so that their corners touching all the key points of the pentagonal faces of the dodecahedron and all vertices of the icosahedron. It is also important to mention that if we extend the vertices of the dodecahedron and the icosahedron, we get its reciprocal. That is, if we extend the vertices of the dodecahedron, and icosahedron we get if we continue doing the same, we get a dodecahedron in a next dimension and so infinitely inward or outward infinitely. This principle of fractal recurrence we mark the pattern of creation in the universe. 

Therapy polyhedra (Platonic solids + Archimedean solids, etc.)

 "There are many types of therapies that affect the different bodies of the human body. The Psychogeometry focuses on" Fractalize "or readjust the geometric geography of subtle human skins to create more harmonic inclusiveness. The natural dynamics of the vortices is promoted implosion / explosion in the gravitational body and seek reorder patterns of frequencies of the electromagnetic body. Psychogeometry therapy is one way to restore the polarity electromagnetic and gravitational fields create nesting in the human body. The electromagnetic body can meet with light emissions, sounds high or low frequency, while the gravitational body polyhedra (geometric shapes in 2 or 3 dimensions).

In the body Psychogeometry we have basically a central vertical toroid called Torus Mayor linking thirteen horizontal toroids in the gravitational body. These toroids are linked to thirteen thirteen Archimedean solids. Gravity compresses a body, seeking its highest level of management and, therefore, the highest level of fractality; the test being waged here is to be able to order a larger number of experiences without generating heat, without creating friction. On the other hand, we have an electromagnetic body that feeds on different frequencies both electric and magnetic environment inside the body and is regulated by the system of five horizontal toroids for acupuncture meridians and nadis, among others.

The central difference between the two bodies is that the electromagnetic body, which has positive or negative polarity, tends to chaos and needs to be fed electromagnetic fields greater coherence and sonic or light frequencies to sustainable proportions, while the gravitational body tends to order but needs to fi x a point of attraction, a zero point on which the gravitational fields are nested: if you do not have a point of implosion / explosion to suck voltage electromagnetic body faster than the speed of light, not gravity may occur. Our Diseño Natural Armónico is the mechanism to achieve this feat.

Not that the polyhedron "cure" or heal the person. The polyhedron gravity helps the body of the person remember the lost form. You can even pass it our own gravitational field that affects a long wave in the gravitational body of another person, serving the polyhedron in this case as a "crutch", ie, a trigger of the inherent fractality in human body, the cosmic wisdom that is contained in every part of our body.

To measure how it impacts therapy polyhedrons we can use tools ioretroalimentación (or biofeedback) which is an alternative form of medicine that involves measuring bodily functions of the subject, such as blood pressure, heartbeat, the internal coherence of the heart , temperature and sweating skin, muscle tension or brain activity. These measurements are made in real time and sometimes are used so that the person made aware of your unconscious activity.

The systems that we used to see the body's response to the order of the geometry and gravitational and electromagnetic radiation of the person's body are called HeartTuner and Blisstuner few systems that measure the waves of the heart and brain, respectively. These systems were conceptualized by the researcher D. Winter, and developed by Ing. F. Bovenkamp. The HeartTuner, unlike other measurement systems, is a device that measures the internal consistency of the heart waves, measures the Heart Rate Variability or HRV (heart rate variability), which is the defi nition of medical health. In other words, it is the ability of the heart to move in a wider range of frequencies. It is the power to live a greater number of waves and emotions, events and energy. HRV addition, we measured the IC or internal coherence (internal coherence). The points where the internal coherence increases or raise the HRV are where the heart is "saying" this or that need geometry. 

The integrated system is called CAS or Coherent Analysis System (Consistency Analysis System) and seeks interconnection between brain waves and heart. Brain waves are mounted on the voltage of the heart, of electromagnetic waves of the heartbeat. When properly linked both waves, obtain a record of frequencies similar to a serpentine caduceus energy it implodes the outside inwards, nourishing Diseño Natural Armónico. 

In the picture below are geometric shapes restoring the level of harmonic inclusvidad a person. This photo was taken at the office of a friend and colleague Dr. Santiago Cordoba. 

Mother Star or Star of Metatron

In the animation below we can see the Star Mother or Star of Metatron. Are the five Platonic solids contained in each other, in a space of perfect embonación. Inside out, we can see, yellow, dodecahedron; light blue, the icosahedron; Green, octahedron; pink, tetrahedron and in black, the hexahedron or cube. This pattern allows nesting waves / embonar events to the center of gravity of the matter without autocancelarse or cancel other waves / events. In Psychogeometry, we use a therapeutic technique that allows us to fix the painful events of our lives in a similar pattern, so that the event can be circumvented in our internal conscience and arranged in such a way that does not create an internal confrontation. The solution to the conflict lies not only in realizing the conflict, but this conflict have a geometric structure that will restore us our inner peace. 

This form is the exact nesting of the atomic arrangement of the core and its relation to the orbits eletrónicas as demonstrated by Dr. Moon in the eighties. It is the shape of the gold atom and the palladium which allow distribution of electric charge so efficiently that can be dissolved when monatomic in water and therefore, in the blood, increasing the level of harmonic inclusivity wave by restoring fractal geometry of the universe. 

"What is the origin of gravity?"


º Author: Dan Winter, original article in English here
º Compilation and Translation: Carlos for Psychogeometry Mexico 
º Collaboration: Ninon Fregoso and Arturo Ponce de León 

Einstein postulated the equivalence of mass and energy through its famous formula E = mc², which she experienced practical application, tragically, humanity, through the creation (and blasting) of nuclear weapons in the twentieth century. Is a fact that the material is constituted by highly organized energy packets with, firstly, the essential characteristics of dynamic energy (wave motion), and on the other hand, the essential characteristics of the matter (mass). The mass was associated qualitatively to gravity by Isaac Newton in his famous Law of Universal Gravitation. However, nature has been, to date, as a mystery of science. 

Einstein postulated the equivalence of mass and energy through its famous formula E = mc², which she experienced practical application, tragically, humanity, through the creation (and blasting) of nuclear weapons in the twentieth century. Is a fact that the material is constituted by highly organized energy packets with, firstly, the essential characteristics of dynamic energy (wave motion), and on the other hand, the essential characteristics of the matter (mass). The mass was associated qualitatively to gravity by Isaac Newton in his famous Law of Universal Gravitation. However, nature has been, to date, as a mystery of science. 

Dan Winter has proposed that the geometric organization of the constituent energy of matter is what creates the essential characteristics thereof, including gravity. In some types of geometric configurations based on the number phi (1.618033, golden ratio), known to mankind for a long time and naturally occurring across the board now, they are presented in spontaneous, repeatable and consistent manner, energy concentration centers called "implosion point". The ability of these suction and management of energy is directly related to the "likeness" to the geometric body that contains saved with the shape of the universe. At this ratio of similarity it is called "autorrecurrencia" or "Fractality". At the atomic level, the implosion is what provides the convergent force necessary to stabilize the rotational wave motion called "mass".

In defining the mass just as the resistance to change of position of wave packets in rotation, it is clear that a law of geometric type is required to explain the reason for such resistance to change wave position.

Einstein called this outstanding problem, "the geometric model of infinite non-destructive compression." The answer: open the cap (point of implosion) to allow an escape route to the electrical load at the speed of light, through a process of multiplication additive (heterodinámico) recurring.

Einstein said acceleration is due to gravity, being, for years, this is the only measurable thesis concerning the nature of gravity. However, we now know is the acceleration of electric charge at the speed of light which creates gravity, the gas being constructive interference wave phase speeds when the load centers / mass enter in a geometric pattern autorrecurrente .

The proof: The capacitive load arranged in geometric arrangements based autorrecurrentes phi, creates gravity.

Michael Faraday, better known as the "father of the electricity," he said, in the nineteenth century, that "The electrical capacitance is gravity that inductance magnetism". If Faraday is correct, the electric charge stored in a capacitor in the form of a gravitational field. Townsend Brown found experimentally that in a charged capacitor, the resulting gravitational force is oriented toward the positive plate of it, so that if the positive plate is on the negative, the device loses weight, whereas, if you invest the position, the device weighs more.

The amount of gravity created in an atom (or whatever) is in proportion to the relative amount of self-similarity (fractal matter) between inside (core) and outer (electrons).

The ratio of recursion load under your feet and your head is the amount of gravity you feel.

There is a strong controversy among some members of the international scientific community about the research and postulates of Dan Winter, regarding the "cause and effect" between the acceleration of electric charge and gravity. However, there currently exists no other scientific explanation to the origin of gravitational phenomena. The truth is that in developing this theory in practical applications, the possibilities would be impressive: antigravity, obtaining electricity from matter devices using geometric patterns, space travel at high speeds, to name a few. 

Decalogue of Sacred Geometry

A poem of the 2nd book of Dan Winter
"Alphabet Heart of the Earth". Translated and edited by Arturo Ponce de León

º The universe is made of a single substance: the Unified Field.
º The universal substance has a unique waveform - sine wave. 
º The universe can be described as a geometry nesting. 
º In a universe made of waves, only the Focus Attention is the way it creates. 
º The form is the only thing the Universe has to conserve. All changes are qualitative differences in form, not substance. 
º The only way to retain the shape is keeping the proportions nest containing length, depth and volume. 
º The best way to keep a nest of Reasons is the Golden Ratio. 
º Coherence at any level is coherence at all levels. 
º Diseño Natural Armónico is the seed crystal light body larger. 
º Light, when it is folded upon itself, it knows itself. 

1) The universe is made of a substance: the Unified Field. 

We all know the basic formula for this: E = MC2. The matter is just a lot of energy moving so slowly that you can touch. Energy is, in contrast, little matter moving so fast that we have trouble finding it. They are polarities of the same substance that is moving or flowing at different rates, constantly. This high compressibility is what stores form and memory in its waveform. 

2) The universal substance has a unique waveform - sine wave 

This principle of Fourier transformation frequency register means that even the most complex form is a simple sum of sine waves of different lengths. 

3) The universe can be described as a geometry nesting. 

Geometry can be thought of here as the basic creation of symmetry. Any symmetrical structure creates a place where the waves converge. Those traveling in opposite directions, can remain, that is, to phase and phase-lock. The Standing waves give the illusion of solidity, which is the segregation of momentum that made possible the birth of matter. Pressure occurs where waves meet.

Only ration is sacred; scale is mundane. Information is the only universal in our hologramic universe, each part contains all information. Then share how the converging waves create sustainable forms becomes a property of inherent structure emerging naturally from the process itself. 

In a world made only of waves, there should only be two geometric forms, the torus, or vortex, and the golden mean spiral. Torus shape, donut or tube is the only structure in a world of waves that can become coherent, that is, they can retain a regular shape like a smoke ring. When these smoke rings are created and want to relate to the first smoke ring, must "nest" into a correct pattern, so that they can remember their form and share structure. The best way to do this is the reason we call the golden mean.

Only a form of Golden Mean symmetry will allow converging waves to add and multiply at the same time. Only in this way, this way, the waves can be nested without interfering with the other and canceling out their memories. A golden spiral can nest triangles, squares and pentagons, creating a dodecahedron. The dodecahedron is the perfect nesting golden reason to change the information in a coherent structure for the use of the golden ratio. That is why it is also the patron of the braided Diseño Natural Armónico molecule. When the golden ratio occurs, the donut donut icosahedral and dodecahedral naturally generate the only other two numbers: pi and euler.

In this simple way, and these three irrational numbers, which occur naturally, the universe is constructed. Undoubtedly, the ancient Egyptians called these qualities the cosmological forces. 

4) In a universe made of waves, only the Focus Attention is the way it creates. 

 The directed intensity of consciousness, occurs when the excited nests of smoke rings become attractive fractally patterns created by Phi, Pi and Euler. When this occurs, they also become matter, and attractive quality is then seen as gravity. The intention, like gravity, is a lens that bends light. Attention, in the form of the great geometric archetypes it generates a sense of symbolic "gravity". 

5) The shape is the only thing that the universe has to keep. All changes are qualitative differences in form, not substance. 

Everything in our world, all matter, ie, all fractally attractive patterns of informational density, is composed of atoms, which are described by physicists as a core surrounded by layers of orbital electrons. These layers are the pattern, form and proportion, which is all that the universe must conserve to know yourself. These shells or shapes are created by nesting energy donuts or smoke rings. Thus, the Atomic Table becomes a simple equipment wave patterns describing valency as symmetry. Everything can be created by nesting a donut (with a pair of vertices) three donuts (with six simple vertex address), five donuts (ten vertices) and seven donuts (fourteen vertices) .If we have the vertices, we get the number of electrons in each orbital layer.

These patterns are regularly called Platonic solids because Plato was the first to write about them: the tetrahedron, a pair of vertices; octahedron / cube, three pairs; dodecahedron, five pairs; and the icosahedron, seven pairs. These basic shapes are important in transmitting the fundamental structure of matter waves, best understood as templates that generate the focus of intensity necessary to become fractally attractive is that they become able to bend the straight energy flow of light in a circle of atomic structured matter. 

6) The only way to retain the shape of a road is keeping the proportions nest containing length, depth and volume. 

The most elegant nest of ratio is one in which involved phi, pi and euler, as the Diseño Natural Armónico spiral. We can think of this as a simple proof that Diseño Natural Armónico is a structure that is coded to transmit information along the path of the evolution of physical life forms on the planet. All life forms on the planet's surface are the instruments and actors of an ancient epic opera hard-wired into the structure of our cells. 

7) The best way to keep a nest of Reasons is the Golden Ratio 

A bucket twisting five times, at 32 degrees, in the same visual space, makes a dodecahedron is created. Twisting a dodecahedron to 32 degrees, gives us the powers of Phi: Phi squared, cubed, etc. The road of the golden ratio enables information (shape) moved without loss of momentum (mind). As close as we can be to create this form and way, so great is our conductivity. That is, more energy can flow by us. When we focus our intensity on these shapes and flow patterns, we create a kind of super conductive power, super coherent energy exchange. 

8) Coherence at any level is coherence at all levels 

An orderly arrangement between wave lengths establishes a connection between frequencies and fields. But for this connection to last, it must resonate in all frequencies and fields. This can only be achieved by the resonance structure of the ways of the golden ratio. This harmonic cascade of interconnectivity is the structure of our perceptible as ecstasy holographic universe.

9) Diseño Natural Armónico is the seed crystal light body larger. 

Diseño Natural Armónico, a glass of perfect structures phi connecting long waves and short waves, is a pattern of third dimension designed to convey information in a form of living being in space and time, that is, by the fourth dimension. Their goal seems to be the creation of a fifth dimensional intelligence, able to get in step with the information of the universe stored in the crystaline coding of the Diseño Natural Armónico geometry. 

10) The light, when it is folded over itself, knows itself. 

A fifth dimensional awareness, we can categorize as one that sees all space and time, energy and matter, as components of the original waveform, is bending the light in the circle of self-consciousness. This creates an explosion of energy rich UV (blue) rays that accompanied the rise of Kundalini, phase lock of biological energies into the flow of universal energy information. This bending creates enlightenment, a state where consciousness of universal mind meets itself at every wave junction. 

Approach to the work of Dan Winter

Scale invariance is the key to the gravity and to the creation of life, because the self-similarity (embonación), non-destructively, allows understanding (fusion, collapse). What Dan Winter has done, is the development of spectral power tools to teach this, to optimize this.

The fractal is self-similar heart perfectly consistent. Imagine a simple experiment: paramagnetic stones (calcium-based, quartz, etc.) are arranged to be seen as conferring top (like Stonehenge, Machu Pichu, etc.), in the center, the time LAPSE (the photos show how Seeds germinate dramatically better). Compression load = life force, based on a long study of college.

Then, having capacitors in the same geometry creates gravity pulls voltage + gravity (autosimilaridad creates gravity and life - the way the EKG and conifers do it ... not to mention the Diseño Natural Armónico). Now we've reinvented the architecture and Agriculture, based on a new understanding of pure electric symmetry (the autosimilar allows compression) which creates life (and soul creates a Diseño Natural Armónico) ... and replace Einstein's formula the energy crisis with a correct theory: autosimilar only allows the compression load, that acceleration becomes, what we know as gravity, and life becomes. 

 Science of Implosion 
Author: Dan Winter Translation and editing: Arturo Ponce de Leon Psychogeometry México  

The life force is equal to the ability to attract fractally ("implode" for perfect compression) and self organizing electric charge. Essentially, the work of Dan Winter we can understand it as the Science of implosion. The implosion is contrary, in life, to the explosion. Biological or self-similar fractal capacitors as conifers, roses, land, and the EKG (electrocardiogram), for compassion, single recursive nests based on the golden ratio (phyllotaxis). This creates centripetal force (implosive) between charge waves (spirit / Chi / orgone / shack / life force). This starts the compression-from what is done the beating of the heart and begins to sort on self-organization. The golden ratio waves constructively add and multiply their wave velocities. Only this musical wave that creates the self-similarity (the golden ratio) allows the compression acceleration, also called gravity becomes. This explains the voltage that is created called LIFE gravity with fresh eggs, conifers, and gravity that make your heart.

It also describes for the first time why objects fall to the ground (the charge is a way out of the speed of light). He explains, for example, why the pattern capacitors arranged confers create gravity (eliminating the need to manage waste carts pushed by dinosaur, gasoline). We also documented for the first time why the golden ratio of the harmonics of the brain EEG (electroencephalogram), which clinically identified cn happiness and euphoria. Implosion creates happiness, which is the ultimate solution to heal the attention deficit. The implosion creates suction, whose self-direction is the difference between being self (eg death or lucid dreaming) or a parasite (eg priests who say that God is outside of you).

º Acceleration / implosion Recursion Induced Charge of phi is the solution for:

º Nondestructive infinite collapse

º Infinite compression / acceleration perfect / FUSION

º Perfect phase conjugation (optical)

º Hydrodynamic implosion (last order)

º Nonlinear energy (voltage obtained gravity)

º Cargo acceleration speed of light (gravity)

º ATTENTION Measurement / happiness / euphoria in the EEG (electroencephalogram)

º Induction audible tone transcendence electroencephalogram

º Measuring the opening of the heart by EKG (electrocardiogram) / Compassion

º Self-organization of Chaos / Artificial Intelligence

º Measurement and definition, electrically LIFE FORCE

º Pure geometric origin of the alphabets (symbol = embonar)

º Contact Form that tells of love .. and the Holy Grail

See also ... how is demonstrated by Spectrum Analysis.

"The day will come when, after harnessing space, the winds, the tides, gravitation, deberamos conquer with God, the power of love. And on that day, for the second time in world history, we will have discovered fire "(phuego - fire refers to phi, golden ratio) - Pierre De Chardin Tielhard 

 Dance of a wave in its passage through the Sacred Geometry 
Extract from the book "Great Attractor implosion" of Dan Winter Translation: Arturo Ponce Psychogeometry  

To say that a substance is compressible, means, among other things, that can be stored momentum.

Storing momentum may seem, at first instance, trivial, but all in Nature; stars and beautiful babies exist because of this talent. Our world is conceived as a world of waves. We are given a glimpse of the atomic world as packages and bundles of waves, locked in an extended musical geometry of coherent waves hug.

The nature of the waves requires compressibility. The compressibility required momentum storage (acquired impulse). Storing momentum allows the order to be stored and retrieved. A surface wave multiconectada multiconectada allows storage of information. The torus (donut) is the original multiconectadas surface waves. The atomic group table is a polygonal (many-sided) toroidal vortex is archetypal multiconectada. The universe is uninterrupted as wave surface, this multiconnected, and holographic.

The universal compressible medium is a unified field. The important question that arises from our understanding of the universe as a universe wavy in nature is: What is the role of mind-or C onscienci a- between waves?

We have understood that the differences between the fundamental forces are no differences of "substance", but of scale. (The proportions are sacred, scales are profane). The principles of wave interference are the same for waves between nerve cells and synapses, and to the layers of the electron in the quantum level. Carry the same strength and compressibility storage through the same media - simply act on different scales.

At first we do not see that information dancing at the level of the electron layer share music dance with the synapses of the nervous system. Their "scales" are greatly out of range of each other. Here is our challenge to see mind among waves as more interesting. Information / momentum / mind fit together between frequencies when they live in a comfortable geometric uterus (mother-matter-material).

If you pull a piece of slat ends, it shrinks slightly on their sides. Thus, a small movement can strongly join a big one. Piezoelectricity of quartz is created by its ability to carry energy between frequencies, down the spiral (one asymmetrical spiral supply of electronic life). Diseño Natural Armónico is like a spiral fountain in its role of connecting the cell to ring choreography (and bell-shaped) with his etheric body.

The brain also relies ringing in the top of a spiral coil of glandular "chakras". It is located in the heart acoustic phase. During ecstasy the piezoelectric coupling the brain to dance glands triggers the secretion of the psycho-active hormones, and fluid power dopa singing crystal body.

Thus the sound of the electric dance of connectivity begins as a place where the frequencies are played between them. In the body, this standard reached to touch between scales is designed to go beyond sound playing light. This is the axis of Eros on the other side, where the finger of God touches the womb of matter through the gap spark is man: the bridge between worlds. When seeds are planted in order nutrient media can grow beyond the limits of her uterus. The rush of momentum for growth -around vórtice- seed with a center of gravity (a good heart), knows no bounds.

Now we can see how attention, focus, or no-mind, may be the means to create waves in half: only wave can remain a wave can store your information / momentum.

To stay, the wave must unconditionally share its momentum in a geometry / matrix / womb. It requires mirror itself regresándose itself to create the node of the wave having the illusion of stability. Momentum in symmetrically opposite directions creates Stability / matter / Maya.

To enter the rotating-field-female, male-the-line power must be initiated in the way of momentum spiral dance. The way of conservation of momentum between the frequency balance rope (a light rope), between energy and matter, and the circle line is the golden ratio spiral.

The focus and attention are able to sustain a wave node (or seed thought) arranged in the flow, such as choosing a note (or node) putting your finger on the fret of a guitar string, the waveform it is allowed to remain is chosen in places of stillness. 

 Scale Unification ???
A Universal Scaling Law For Organized Matter
by Nassim Haramein, Michael Hyson, and E.A. Rauscher. 

From observational data and our theoretical analysis, we demonstrate that a scaling law can be written for all organized matter utilizing the Schwarzschild condition of a black hole, describing cosmological to sub-atomic structures. Of interest are solutions involving torque and Coriolis effects in the field equations. --- Significant observations have led to theoretical and experimental advancement describing systems undergoing gravitational collapse, including vacuum interactions. The universality of this scaling law suggests an underlying polarizable structured vacuum of mini white holes / black holes.- --- As the atomic and subatomic data points levels obey the scaling law, a computation is given demonstrating that the proton can be defined in terms of a Schwarzschild condition, when the vacuum structure is considered. Further, we briefly discuss the manner in which this polarizable structured vacuum can be described in terms of resolutions analogous to a fractal-like scaling as a means of renormalization at the Planck distance. Finally, we describe a new horizon we term the ???spin horizon??? which is defined as a result of a spacetime torque producing boundary conditions in the magnetohydrodynamic structures of galactic center black holes, which we demonstrate obeys similar dynamics as the interior of our sun., Preprint: N. Haramein, M. Hyson, E. A. Rauscher, Proceedings of The Unified Theories Conference (2008), Budapest, Hungary, Scale Unification: A Universal Scaling Law for Organized Matter, in Cs Varga, I. Dienes & R.L. Amoroso (eds.)