"Psychogeometry: Conscience Geometry"

 "Psycho geometry is the study of the human being and his environment by means of the theoretical-mathematical-philosophical principles of Sustainable Geometry and the contributions of contemporary psychology. It studies the structure and dynamics of geometry in every life process. It seeks to expand harmonic inclusiveness so as to let us have a deeper connection with ourselves and our environment. Psychogeometry is a branch of knowledge whose principles are applied to music, graphic design, architecture, art, dancing and therapy in order to uplift our human capacities and quality of life, inviting us to construct reality as a geometric process of re-interpretation of the inner and outer universe.

We understand “psykhe” as “soul” and not as “mind”. The mind can be compared to the hard disk of a computer - the storage spot of information with its different levels- while the soul refers to the human capacity to re-order multiple pieces of information and create new ones. Our mind is a setting of symbolic representation; while our soul is the combinatory art, our latent capacity to re-create ourselves and our environment. Dan Winter, an American researcher, says that the expression of the soul can be observed in the coherence of the wave symmetry in the Diseño Natural Armónico electromagnetic field. The information is “IN” mode, and though it tends to be associated with the intellect, we have information or ways that set up our conscience at other levels.

Psychogeometry studies the way in which the soul and the conscience together can inhabit harmonically the matter. It studies how the human soul makes use of the Diseño Natural Armónico to express its potential in its environment, in its context. We approached this research from a physiological, anatomical dimension, i.e. studying the conscience by means of its functions and structure observable in human beings, rather than from its ontological dimension. Some of the conscience’s basic functions that the human soul can express are: sexual, motor, emotional, intellectual and instinctive, as well as the practice of its thirteen secondary functions. This is knowledge that allows creating a healthier living for the individual, the couple, the family and society by joining outer reality and inner life into two realities happening simultaneously, dancing intertwined. The higher the level of fractality between inner and outer realities, the greater the harmonic implosion of the opposites, of the differences, and therefore, the greater the level of awareness in an individual."

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Article #1.2. What is Psychogeometry?

Psycho geometry started in 2000 as a system of knowledge which provides a code to interpret the inner and outer worlds of the Human Being. A teaching program is constructed from the semiology of forms and according to the laws of Sustainable Geometry, linking this study with scientific research on architecture, music, graphic design, biofeedback and art.

It studies the link between matter and energy (spirit) in a harmonic way. Everybody has had the experience of living both worlds separately, and sometimes they are apparently irreconcilable. At these times when the borderline between mysticism and science is becoming thinner and thinner, Sustainable Geometry seems to make this meeting possible. 

Sustainable Geometry, or Sacred Geometry, is a metaphor of the Order of the Universe: it is the study of the proportions, patterns, systems, codes and symbols which make up the underlying, eternal life source of matter and spirit. Sacred Geometry is the fingerprint of Creation and the genesis of all form. It is an ancient science whose teachings were incorporated into the Sumerian, Egyptian and Greek hermetic mystery schools.

We dwell in a semiotic Universe, i.e. a universe built by meaning processes. We elaborate meanings from codes, structures, languages and symbols. Nature also has its own language: the geometric language. It makes use of Sacred Geometry to create life. Apart from this, different cultures have used its laws and codes to reproduce the harmony of the universe in distinct human manifestations.

There currently exists a remarkable movement to remember those laws and apply them to the creation of structures more suitable to the principles of life. This application is present in art, architecture, design, science, cutting-edge physics, geomancy, music, mathematics, the Diseño Natural Armónico, Earth reticules, color studies, animals, geology, the sacred languages and Feng Shui.

Dan Winter, one of the most important scientists in Sacred Geometry, shows, through bio-feedback, how emotional coherence and brain-hemisphere coherence can create states of attention which help in mental health recovery and in the reduction of attention deficit disorder (ADS) in children, among other things.

Let us remember the etymological origin of the word “geometry”: “ge” means earth or matter, and “metria”, measurement. Thus, geometry studies the proportions and measurements of the matter, that is to say, of the Earth; and it is Sacred since it is related to the principle of self-sustenance -as long as it can support itself. Also, something is said to be sacred when it is fractal, when it complies with the gnomonic principles –when the sum of each one of its parts is contained in its whole.

As a complement of Sacred Geometry, psychogeometry is its practical application in our daily life. This is a study field that links the ancient practice of Sacred Geometry with other disciplines so as to uplift our human capacity and life quality. It is an invitation to reestablish our capacity to love and to build bliss from a geometric process of reality interpretation. It stimulates the bond between objective reality and subjective conscience in order to live in greater peace. It also brings the possibility of inner and outer development at the same time.

Etymologically, psychogeometry derives from the roots “psykhe”, “ge” and “metria”. The root “psykhe”, whose meaning is “soul”, is added to the last two. Therefore, psychogeometry studies the way in which the soul can harmoniously inhabit the matter –how the human soul embodies and lives peacefully in its environment, in its context. 

The Golden Number and Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry has part of its mathematical basis in three irrational numbers: phi, pi and euler. Phi is a simple irrational number with unusual mathematical properties; its value is 1.618033…. Pi is the relation of the diameter of a circle and its circumference; and the Euler’s number is the natural base of logarithms.

The phi-determined proportion was known by the Egyptians, Greeks and Mesoamerican cultures, and later adopted by the Renaissance artists, who called it the Divine Proportion. The straight-line segment produced by phi is known as Golden or Aural Section, this is the reason why phi is also known as the Golden Number.

We can have a straight line and choose to divide it at any point, but there is only one point in which the principle of the sacred is met. This principle is accomplished when something smaller fits something bigger as many times as the biggest fits in the whole –definition of what we also know as “fractal” and it also reminds us of the sacred trinity in different religions and philosophies. In the Christian philosophy these three forces are represented by the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. In medieval alchemy, things were perceived as variant mixtures of salt, sulfur and mercury. In the Hindu Sankhya, a role is assigned to each of the three gunas: Rajas, Tamas and Satva. In Hinduism, the forces were embodied by Shiva, Parvati and Vishnu. In China, they have metaphysical quality in the interaction of the Yin, Yang and Tao.

Phi is just the proportion of the segments of a line which results from dividing a line in a particular way. We can outline this as follows:

Phi can be derived in three ways: from numeric series (discovered by Leonardo Fibonacci), from mathematical formulas and geometric divisions. From the Fibonacci’s series (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21) we obtain an aural rectangle, which is 1.618033 times longer than its width. From here, a golden spiral derives - the beautiful shell of Nautilus mollusk.

We can also find the phi proportion in the human body, represented by Da Vinci in the Man’s canon. The width of the head in relation to its length approximates to phi. So does the hand in relation to its forearm. So does the distance of the phalanges. And the location of the eyes is in phi proportion in relation to the length of the head. In addition, when we meditate or we are relaxed, in each heartbeat, the systole and diastole are separated at the rate of phi. Also, let us observe the form of the ear: virtually a golden spiral.

Phi is also found in plants (in phylotaxis) and in Architecture, for example, in Stonehenge, Notre Dame, the Greek Parthenon, in the Great Pyramid at Giza, and in other pyramids of Mesoamerica. Teotihuacan pyramid has multiples and submultiples of phi. Finally, in the Renaissance, phi was extensively used, for instance, by Dali, Da Vinci and Seurat. 

The Science of Implosion and Sacred Geometry 

Implosion creates and stimulates life, opposite to explosion which destroys and annihilates it. The suction to the inner self is known in Psychogeometry as the Science of Implosion. Implosion is the counterpart of explosion and it is the only one that generates and promotes life.

The mitotic cellular reproduction consists of creating two cells out of one by an interior division. The process continues and the two newly created duplicate and form four cells, then eight, sixteen, and so on and so forth. The same happens in the manifestation process of sexual energy, feminine as well as masculine. The implosion of both energies expresses life. In psychogeometry, these processes are created as unlimited sources of life.

It is worth mentioning that the Science of Implosion serves to develop different levels of conscience in our life. For example, in sexuality, linked to the tetrahedron (one of the five Platonic solids), we can find four vertexes or pairs of donuts nested on their vertexes without destroying themselves. From here comes the origin of sexual polarity. The Yin and Yang, the principle of polarity in the Taoist philosophy, have its geometric origin in the donut or tube torus. Sexuality has many facets, but one of the most important ones, linked to the tetrahedron, is to fit anywhere it is present. We normally use sexual energy as a source of life to carry out different activities, but only when this energy is well channeled by the tetrahedron, we can connect the different worlds of conscience in which we dwell.

The tetrahedron invites us to place this energy, anchoring it in the earth and thus making all our sexual potential express on earth so as to create greater abundance in the matter and spirit. With one of its nodes on Earth and the rest spinning freely in the horizontal of our body, the inflasexuality (also called natural sexuality, supra sexuality and “no-sex”) expresses itself. These are stages of our sexual life that we must understand so as to experience every aspect of our lives in greater fullness and joy.

Different therapies speak about the necessity of ordering internal events in such a way that any contradiction can be solved, and of generating a conscience of unity. We can achieve that by using Sacred Geometry tools in order to be able to “implode” and event. The visualization of geometric mandalas and our capacity to sensor an electromagnetic field of a body are two very important devices to familiarize with Sacred Geometry and the forms of the Universe. This helps us to develop our capacities of directed attention, memory and perception.

Water is of greater consciousness and abundance in our bodies and in our planet, and can be programmed by geometric patterns of thoughts or emotions, as it is demonstrated by several scientists in the world. We would say that, beyond words, it is the mere geometric intention of thoughts or emotions that creates and decodes Nature.

The Pentaflower is the most finished power image of Sacred Geometry. It reflects the upper view of the dodecahedral Diseño Natural Armónico molecule, and it is an image for generating a point of implosion and ordering energy, waves and matter harmonically. Furthermore, it promotes conscience, life and health. When it is properly used in geomancy or in reticular science, the Pentaflower orders and structures energy, making it find the right turn and place itself harmonically in a specific space. Geometrically, it is built on a pentagonal base and has five golden spirals to the left and other five to the right. 

Psychogeometry is the study of the human being by the mathematical principles and practices of Sustainable Geometry. It serves to uplift our quality of life, to solve conflicts of couples, family and group; it reestablishes our capacity of loving and building our own bliss as a geometrical process of reality interpretation, inviting us to develop sexual, instinctive, motor, emotional and intellectual conscience.

There are three essential principles of Sacred Geometry:

1. The Unity Principle – The Unified Field Theory or Superstring Theory
2. Geometric Group Theory or Principle of Proportion-Frequency-Structure Relation
3. The Octave Principle, or Transformation, which explains the process that events undergo so as to get unfolded in time and lets us know the way in which waves expand in order to change our life direction towards greater plenitude 


Geometric Principles

Sacred Geometry is based on three mathematical numbers: phi, pi and Euler. Phi (1.618033...) creates the golden spiral from vacuum. Pi (3.1416...) outlines this rotation and makes the spiral whirl inwards so as to get wrapped up and know itself. Euler’s number (the natural base of natural logarithms) completes and strengthens this design. If we visualize it, we will have a tube torus. See here.

Psychogeometry is an organic knowledge which derives from the arrangement of the Soul under the principles of Sacred Geometry: the Geometric Group Theory and the Octave Principle.

Psychogeometry studies the functional and structural dimension of the Soul. This field of study inevitably leads us to the understanding of the human being as an individual created from the interpretation and signification derived from a principle of sensory reality.

Psychogeometry explains how the world of the object and subject is created and how they can interact healthily. It explains the vital need of living in a world where the natural prevails upon the artificial; it defines the idea of “individual” and the appearance of the command centers, the memory disks and the conscience physiology - all that so as to develop our self-knowledge.

Psychogeometry invites us to the expansion of our inner scenery of conscience by means of developing our sexual, instinctive, motor, intellectual and emotional potential, aimed at the creation of the Soul.

We take the ancient idea of “psykhe” as the equivalent of soul, not attaching to it the meaning of “mind” given by contemporary psychology. The mind is in fact an environment of symbolic representation, while the Soul is a geometric model of functional interconnections.

Moreover, Sacred Geometry studies all patterns and proportions of the order of the Universe. The Golden Proportion mathematically supports this learning and shows the way in which matter is organized before being as such. In fact, the predisposition of certain geometric Diseño Natural Armónico structures allows the Diseño Natural Armónico molecule to organize itself and its environment so as to sustain and preserve life. To sum up, Sacred Geometry is a metaphor of the relation between the Universe and the patterns and proportions that underlie as the material base for all its forms and expressions. 

Universe One – The Unified Field 

The Unified Field exists because there is a fractal toroid. Life is possible due to a deep interconnection of all its elements. Context limits and strengthens the contextualized. The Universe is composed of wave-particles which vibrate in different proportions, frequencies and geometries. This is a major aspect to emphasize for the difference in the nature of the universe is only a difference of geometry hidden behind its material expression. It is a difference in the frequency or number of waves occurring in a particular period of time and with the mathematical proportion or ratio of the event or wave. Bearing this in mind, we understand that our spirit is as material as a solid rock is. The difference lies in the fact that our spirit is made up by much subtler frequency vibrations and geometry.

Concerning the Universe, it is understood by means of two fundamental principles: the Geometric Group Theory and the Octave Principle or Transformation in time (based on the double tetrahedral star and music sequence).

The Geometric Group Theory –described below- shows that the different expressions of the Universe and its diverse manifestations come from the variation in the frequency, amplitude and geometry of waves, and not from their nature. That is to say, everything that we see, touch and feel with our sensory organs vibrates at different levels of the electromagnetic field, but it is only one electromagnetic field. Raising our level of conscience aims at expanding our scope of sensory perception and consequently reconfiguring our inner universe. 

Object and Subject: perception phenomenon 

When perceiving the Universe, we observe an object and a subject. The object is the event as such, and the subject, the event in us. The subject is set up by the interpretation we give to a particular event. In this process, we bring into play our systems of values, thinking and beliefs. In terms of perception, the duality of perception emerges after the Unity of substance (The Unified Field): an object perceived by a subject.

The Universe is One. We perceive it according to our range of sensory perception and we make an abstraction to which we assign meanings which set up our internal conscience background. Two universes are set up: the sensory and the conceptual ones. The former happens in the outer world; the latter flows inside me.

The sensory universe is objective for it does not depend on any kind of abstraction to exist. On the contrary, the conceptual universe is the load of experiences incorporated by our range of sensory perception which configure concepts, images, thoughts, emotions, attitudes, etc., creating our notion of subject. The subject is therefore “subjected” to the object. The subject created by the perception of that experience is framed in its own internal environment of conscience or conceptual universe.

The internal universe which sets us up as subjects has been built on the meaning we have attributed to each undergone experience. Whether we are conscious or not, there is a reality where things are what they are. The hermetic maxim “I am what I am” refers to the Universe One’s capacity of self supporting and describing. 

Principle of Sensory and Conceptual Reality

For its understanding, we will study this Universe One or Principle of Reality from the perspective of the subject and the object. We will see, on the one hand, the emergence of the principle of sensory reality, which belongs to the object; and, on the other hand, the principles of conceptual reality, which belongs to the subject.

The world of objects introspects and configures the world of the subject and vice versa. Though, as we have already seen, the whole Universe is created by sine waves which organize themselves in toroidal structuring patterns, i.e. when the subject perceives that objective universe, his perception of the world is distorted by his cultural, familiar and social conditioning factors, creating a suffering, errant subject. This subject produces a wrong vision of the world when perceiving, a vision that returns him the suffering that he gives out.

The objective universe is also called principle of conceptual reality. It gets structured and communicates harmonically with the help of the proportions, patterns and frequencies of waves determined by Sacred Geometry.

The subjective universe is also called principle of conceptual reality. If we want to live in harmony with ourselves and our environment, this subjective universe must organize and communicate by means of patterns, proportions or frequencies of waves determined by Sacred Geometry.

However, that communication between principles of reality does not take place in most of us. Working in our selves in a psychogeometrical dimension involves managing to link these patterns and frequencies of waves in each of us and organizing the subjective reality in the same way as the objective one is. The Universe and its wisdom have designed ways to preserve and create life which we cannot overlook. It is undeniable the feeling of peace and harmony that a human being experiences when he truly contacts with the spiral pattern of a rose or with any other expression of Nature. 

Physiology of the Conscience

Physiology studies the functions of things. In Psychogeometry we study conscience not from an ontological perspective but from its physiological aspect - the functions that conscience has. There are five basic functions of conscience and they are supported in the perception of sensory reality, when the focus of our attention directs and organizes the waves in order to create a symbolic representation in our internal conscience background. These five functions are: the processes of noticing, cognoscible and attentional, the memory and the intelligence or creativity.

Noticing happens when we aim our perception at a particular object. The cognoscible process develops when we associate the different perceived objects. Attention occurs when we organize them, and memory occurs when we create a symbolic and conceptual representation of the event. Intelligence is the art of combining and consists in structuring emotions, thoughts and actions in such a way that they display a range of possibilities which can let us create new possibilities, i.e. reach the creative process. 

Psychogeometry: Study of reality

The proposal of Psychogeometry involves reconfiguring the subject under the same geometric rules, principles and structures that exist in the Universe One, so as to be one with and communicate harmonically with all the living. Only in this way our suffering, wrong thoughts, mistaken attitudes and beliefs melt in the whole of understanding.

It is the oceanic experience which the mystics of all times and traditions have spoken about: the experience of non-duality, non-mind, of unicity. The experience humanity has been seeking for centuries.

Psychogeometry puts forth the development of conscience and subject structuring by the development of our physical, emotional, intellectual, sexual and instinctive potentials. These five potentials are linked with each one of the five Platonic solids in accordance with their function and structure. The Platonic solids are three-dimensional bodies that have the unique property of having regular faces, which are polygons whose sides are equal, as in an equilateral triangle, a square or a pentagon.

When a person reaches a high level of perception, he sees things as they are and not jus as he wants them to be. As we are broadening our range of sensory perception and fine-tuning this range in order to perceive objects as they are, we are fusing the barrier between subject and object, and we group harmonically with the world we live in, always within geometric limits.

We re-create ourselves as integrated subjects, until the subject disappears and gains conscience of everything that has existed: the Universe One. A universe where everything/nothing exists, for the difference between the one who perceives and what is perceived fuses, only remains the experience of meditation, of fusion. The neighboring barriers separating us from this experience are our own thoughts, emotions and actions.

Psychogeometry invites us to study and practice dancing, music, art, architecture, design, a suitable diet, meditation and the development of the motor, emotional, intellectual, sexual and instinctive conscience, all based on the Geometric Group Theory and the Octave Geometric Principle. It invites us to create an external world inclined to the golden proportion, the one that allows propagation and support of events/waves. Moreover, it invites us to create our inner world sustained by the same principles.

If we focus on perceiving and creating the cultural expressions which have been built by Sacred Geometry, we will achieve that the exterior waves converge in our interior without destroying us or themselves, but propagating infinitely. 

Human Toroids and Fractal Memory

To understand more easily the reality organization in a subject, we need to get the idea of command center. A human toroid is a complex unit of interconnection of functions which helps us to systematize and organize different aspects of subjective reality: thoughts, emotions, external movements, internal movements and sexuality.

In this way, we have five basic human toroids: the sexual, the emotional, the motor, the instinctive and the intellectual one. The information that each of these receives is stored in their own disk of fractal memory. A disk of memory is a setting of symbolic representation where lived experiences are kept.

In general terms, the intellectual toroid organizes the functions of synthesis, analysis, contradiction resolutions, problem posing and data structuring. The emotional toroid organizes emotions, affections and feelings. The motor toroid structures our capacity of external movements. The instinctive toroid is devoted to the internal biological functions of our body, for example: heart beating and breathing. Finally, the sexual toroid perceives the biophysical and electromagnetic attraction of bodies. 

Natural World and Artificial World

Over the times, different civilizations have given expression to their concerns on the Universe in many ways. Each of them has revealed in diverse forms in their culture, art, painting, architecture, design and science. Each has understood the world from a particular perspective and has generated a universe of meaning which lies on the bases of the paradigm in use at a particular time.

However, beyond cultural differences, there have been civilizations that comprehended the deep knowledge of Sacred Geometry and its relation with Nature and the Universe. Some cultural manifestations in the Egyptian, Greek, Mayan, Aztec and Arab civilizations are indications of that. The constructions and manifestations left by these people have allowed studying the knowledge and worldview they had. It is incredible the sensation of wholeness and unification with the Universe that you experience when you get in touch with some of these ancient constructions: the Greek Parthenon, the Pyramid at Giza, the Teotihuacan pyramids, the Chinese temples, Palenque and the Mayan Zone, etc.

These people’s ancient knowledge has been passed on secretly to and among members of the clergy and the power leadership. Now it is essential that that knowledge link us together. Sharing and understanding Sacred Geometry codes is necessary for our society and world’s evolution.

Most of the peoples of our contemporary world have not accomplished understanding the code of Nature and the Cosmos, the code of Sacred Geometry. With their spatial organization, functioning, structure and quality, our cities do not govern themselves by the expression or communication derived from the essential principles of Sacred Geometry: proportions based on the golden proportion (individual), wave organization frequency in multiples and submultiples of Phi (society) and structure of geometric world organization (archaeo-astronomical, architectural constructions in planetary positions of the Golden Reticule).

Two types of manifestations in civilizations derive from this world view: the artificial and the natural manifestations.

We will detail this categorization. Though both manifestations are created by the man as the expressions of social character, the artificial manifestations are not subjected to the criteria postulated by the cosmos wisdom which enable the events (waves) to perform in full expression without destroying themselves or other events. Artificial manifestations are created by the man, but they do not incorporate the code, language and structures of Sacred Geometry self-sustenance.

On the other hand, natural manifestations (called natural because they share the same code with Nature: the golden code) are also created by the man. They join with the rhythms, frequency, proportion and structure of Sacred Geometry and, therefore, they have the property of being sustainable, non-excluding, convergent and harmonic. 

Geometric Group Theory

The Geometric Group Theory describes the law of relations between the nature of events and other events. The three principles that govern any event are: the principle of the Golden Mean Ratio, the principle of the Golden Frequency and the principle of the Golden Structure.

The principle of the Golden Mean Ratio is based on the way an event organizes itself. The principle of the Golden Frequency involves the way in which this event relates to other events and the vibration it possesses. Frequency refers to the number of waves during a particular period of time. The principle of the Golden Structure describes the way in which the wave/event, after having organized itself and decided its frequency/function, is going to organize itself in accordance with a greater structure and, thus, with a system of greater capacities. The Platonic solids are this golden structure.

It is worth mentioning that after the Absolute (the zero, the Unified Field) arises the One, the sine curve, the convergence to a gravity point; what produces the emergence of the two, the duality, the confrontation, in other words, the sine curve integrated in a tube toroid that creates a reference of the entering energy and the exiting energy. The dichotomy of this duality is solved by the Geometric Group Theory. 

Octave Geometric Principle 

The Octave Principle describes the law of transformations in the passing of time. This is inscribed in the base of the theory of wave propagation and its relation with the tetrahedral star and music theory. The Octave Principle is the law of transformation, which explains why everything changes and nothing can continue in a straight line. In fact, there are no straight lines in Nature. All is created by spiral forms.

This principle consists of two intervals of time and two phases of unfolding. The propagation of a wave starts and it unfolds in the time axis following three equally-distant units of time: Do, Re, Mi. That is the first phase of the Octave Principle. Fa comes up and a time interval follows. Continuity is broken. In the time interval, the wave frequency arrives at a place in which it needs to decide which way to take so as to continue its propagation. It is a time of crisis, change and re-directing in a person’s life. The interval can be filled or not, which conditions the direction to be taken. In the second phase of the Octave Principle, the unfolding of the wave continues in Sol, La, and Si. A second interval follows having characteristics similar to the first one: irruption of continuity, crisis, redirecting, but much more intense and profound.

The development of Light and waves throughout the octahedron shows the Octave Principle from a geometric perspective.

We must not forget the organic time is subject to different laws from the ones with which we measure conventional time. Organic time is subject to astronomic processes and not only to the lineal measurement proposed by Gregorian calendar. Thus, a time interval in the Octave Principle can last more time or less time than the measure unit with which a wave propagates in the first or second phase.

The duration of each note depends on the case we study. The Octave Principle is a law that can be applied in any case, any universe, any circumstance and any measurement of organic time.

We can prove this Octave Principle in our daily life. The most profound crises that a human being experiences are those multiple of seven or eight years. Let us meditate on this.